Shear Reinforcing Element

Simple, fast and safe - Perfect for shear-stress components
  • Workload can be reduced by up to 70% to conventional shear reinforcement
  • Easy installation without laborious inserting of upper and lower reinforcing bars into stirrups
  • Dual function as Shear Reinforcing Element und spacers between layers
  • Common element heights quickly available from stock
  • Austrian registration
  • Calculation in accordance with ÖNORM EN 1992-1-1
  • Increase in the shear force resistance of slabs or walls
  • Depth of cross section from 200 to 750 mm
  • Maximum concrete grade is C40/50


Shear elementsQE are U-shaped mesh-like (or ladder-like) reinforcing elements, which are industrially produced by electric resistance welding similar to the production of reinforcing wire fabrics. The wire used for both the chords and the vertical bars is reinforcing steel B500A. Shear elementsQE are especially suited as shear reinforcement at the support of floor slabs resting on walls or beams and as shear reinforcement of foundation slabs.

Shear elementsQE are manufactured in various heights and lengths and can be basically used as shear reinforcement in plate-like reinforced concrete structures. They are placed in parallel to each other. The height of the shear elementsQE results from the depth of cross section minus the concrete covers and the thickness of the lower and upper reinforcement layers. Shear elementsQE can be used in slabs or walls with a depth of cross section of up to 750 mm. Maximum concrete grade is C40/50.


Shear elementsQE come in heights from 100 mm to 600 mm. The most commonly used types are available in stock.


Shear elementsQE are placed between the upper and lower layers of flexural reinforcement and, thus, they also serve as spacers. The round section of the U-shaped shear elementsQE is placed along the face of support (e.g. inner edge of wall). They are placed in parallel to the main flexural reinforcement (in accordance with the truss model for shear force). The type of shear elementQE has to be chosen in dependence of the depth of cross section.




When placed perpendicular to the face of support, shear elementsQE are effective as shear reinforcement up to the final vertical bar. In order to extend the effective range of shear reinforcement, additional rows of shear elementsQE can be added.

Shear elementsQE also can be used in portions of slabs where load distribution occurs in two directions (e.g. in corners). By sliding shear elementsQE inside each other the required distance of vertical bars of 50 mm can be obtained both in x and y direction. A distance of 50 mm is necessary in order to achieve the required shear resistance.



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