A load bearing connector providing thermal insulation between the inside and outside of building elements


The AVI insulated balcony connectors with 8 cm or 12 cm isolation are load bearing components that provides thermal insulation between reinforced concrete building elements. They are used to improve thermal insulation in the junction of cantilever slabs made of reinforced concrete and the inside of buildings. Common applications include cantilever balconies, recessed balcony connections, brackets, parapet walls, porches, platforms, etc..

Thermography of a Balcony Slab

The use of the Thermokorb XII for thermal insulation reduces heat losses which arise from joint-induced and geometric  thermal bridges. Uninsulated joint areas also lead to a considerable lowering of the building component surface temperature and an increase in the risk of condensation and mould formation. The use of Thermokorb XII-TK provides a good heat Distribution pattern and heating cost savings.

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