Spacer Strips

Economic multi-use spacer element for reinforcement



The AVI spacer strip is a multi-use spacer element bent sinuously out of a flat lattice girder. This provides the spacer Strip with considerable stability in upright position and, at the same time, constitutes a firm support for the adjacent layers of  reinforcement. The advantage of such spacers between top and  bottom reinforcement of slabs as well as between outer and inner reinforcement of walls is the fact that they do not come into contact with the formwork, avoiding thus iron stains on the exposed concrete surface.

  • for bar reinforcement and for fabric sheet reinforcement
  • fine lattice girder system
  • no foreign body in concrete
  • lightweight
  • design in conformity with German DBV Guidelines(DBV leaflet “Unterstützungen”: FRd = 0,67 kN/m)

Product Range

The product range comprises heights from 4 – 20 cm. The spacer strips are produced as lattice girders with diagonal wires at constant spacing (15 cm) and variable height.

For a height of 3 cm and from H = 22 cm to 50 cm the spacer strips are produced in the shape of a ladder.

Requirements for laying


For the laying of spacer strips a distance of approx. 50 cm between strips is recommended. This corresponds to approx. 1 Strip per m 2 of top reinforcement. In case of thicker top reinforcement it is possible to widen the pitch between strips for laying.

Supporting length:  200 cm

The spacer strip also contributes to transfer shear forces, e.g. in construction joints, slab edges, lintels, etc. On account of the small wire diameters, the spacer strip can be bent into any direction.


The following example shows the advantages of the use of AVI spacer strips in comparsion with stirrup spacers:


  • By applying AVI spacer strips only approx. 1/5 of the weight of stirrup spacers will be required
  • High stability on account of spacer strips (lots of strutting points per m2 )
  • Significantly reduced working time on site
  • No more strenuous bending of 3-dimensional stirrup spacers

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