Continous high Chair UK

Stable support for top layer of reinforcement



The AVI continuous high chair UK is a universally usable spacer in the shape of a three-dimensional mesh cage. This provides the  continuous high chair UK with resistance against overturning and, at the same time, also favourable contact area for adjoining layers of reinforcement. As a spacer between the top and bottom reinforcement of slabs and between the external and internal reinforcement of walls it has the advantage that there are no points of contact with the shuttering and, as a result, annoying rusty spots in fair-faced concrete
can be avoided.

This type series complies with the guidelines of the leaflet “Chairs” published by the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology (“Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein E.V.”).

Type Programme

The type programme includes heights ranging from 60 mm to 200 mm. The AVI continuous high chair UK comes as three-dimensional  mesh cage with vertical cross bars and variable heights.

Advantages and Benefits of the Product:
• No foreign objects in the concrete
• Low weight
•  DBV-conformity according to the Leaflet of the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology
(“Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein E.V.”).
• Reduced laying time
• High stability
• High rigidity
• Can be used for rebar and mesh reinforcement
• Slender mesh cage

(DBV Leaflet “Chairs”: F Rd  = 0.67 kN/m)

Laying Requirements

For  laying, a centre-to-centre distance of approx. 500 mm between AVI continuous high chairs UK is recommended. This corresponds to approx. one unit per m² of top reinforcement. If the top reinforcement is thicker the distance of chairs can be increased.

Length of support: 2000 mm


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Certificate of Conformity

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